Zeal Gears Pvt. Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturing company for high Quality Helical Gear Box for Plastic & Rubber Extrusion Machinery Under Brand Name Of "ZEAL". With Over 15 Years of Experience of Mr. Nilesh. M.Patel, (founder of the company) and concentrating in only Plastic & Rubber Extrusion Field. The "ZEAL" now has became a reference point in this field.

RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT and QUALITY are the company's first priorities. This vision is what has Allowed "ZEAL" to manufacture high tech products with high performance and excellent reliability

To achieve total customer satisfication, "ZEAL" has adopted advanced manufacturing techniques with The latest machinery and technology. "ZEAL" Helical Gear unit is now known for it's "Smooth, Smart And Silent" function as widely acknowledged by leading plastic machine manufacturers as well as users.


First, "ZEAL" Helical Gear units are manufactured with a careful selection of raw material and components. They are then precisely machined on advanced CNC Machine tools. Our quality assurance process ensure that all parts are checked throughout the entire machining process. Finally, assembly is performed by our highly experienced Engineering group. "ZEAL" Helical Gear assures total quality through continous improvement of product, process & services.


Our DESIGN engineers work with the latest computer systems and software to prepare complete designs as per your requirement, with onlt few basic dimension required from your end. If you need additional design, modifaction or development our 15 years of precision gear box experience & technology is at your diposal. Our ample R & D Design capabilities are what help to satisfy our customer's specific requests.


The GEAR box bodies are initially cast in Gery Cast Iron, designed for the latest acoustic and heat transfer technology. Then the gear box bodies are machined on our advanced CNC Machining Center under careful observation by our highly skilled engineers. The inside walls of the gear box body is coated with special high performance oil and heat resistant coating.


The GEAR & PINION assembly is made from high quality case carburized Alloy Steel. After the assembly is carburized and hardened, the tooth profiles are ground with high accuracy with profile correction for high load transmission, low noise level and efficent use. Lastly, our Quality Control Department performs a tooth profile and lead accuracy check on our highly precise lead & profile tester machine.


We Use only top qualtiy heavy duty trust & roller bearing in "ZEAL" Healical Gear Units. All bearings are selected by precisely calculting the radial and axial trust loads of the gear box.


The pinoin, gears and bearing are automatically thoroughly lubricated by the splash of oil from the sump. Thus, Only periodical checking of the oil level is necessary. In larger size gear boxes, we implement an attached oil pump to force lubrication of the entire internal system.


The simplest and most economical cooling system is the internal cooling coil which is made from copper pipe and is precisely mounted inside the gear box.